It has been a while!

January 15, 2010

I have not been able to work on the boat too much but I did transport it to my friend Dave’s house.  He has a heated workshop.  So progress is slow but I did get the foot pegs set (Dave helped me to reinforce them) and I cleaned up the inside of the cockpit and the bulkheads – sanded and applied extra layers of epoxy.  Yesterday, we finally glued the top to the bottom – at last it is together!!  That part went pretty well – we used thicken epoxy and then went around the boat with plastic wrap – the kind that comes on roll with a handle – it sticks to itself and you can stretch it – it is quite strong.  Used lots of straps and few clamps.  I am anxious to get going on the deck – looking forward to sanding and making it look nice.

Foot pegs in and reinforced

Thickened epoxy applied to the shear clamp

Lots of straps and a few clamps