I started working on the cockpit combing yesterday.  First step was to thicken some epoxy and glue the two spacers and the combing to the cockpit opening.  It was helpful to have two sets of hands to get it clamped in the right place.  Lots of clamps!  Next, I will smooth off the inside edge of the cockpit spacers and combing and apply a layer of fiberglass cloth to the combing.

Lots of clamps!


Glassing the Deck

March 23, 2010

I have been looking forward to this step.  I finished cleaning up and sanding the deck – used a fairing board to start with then the random orbital sander with increasing sand paper grit 80 to 100 to 120 with a final sand with 220.  The deck looks great and it looks even better with a coat of epoxy.  Dave helped me cut and wet out the fiberglass.  Before the next two coats of epoxy, I will install the cockpit combing.

It was helpfull to have 2 people to get the fiberglass in the right place

wetting out the glass until it goes clear without any wrinkles or bubbles


Sam and Dave are nice enough to allow me space in their workshop so that I could contine my build though the Winter.