May 20, 2010

Completed the end pours – you mix up a mess of epoxy and add some wood flour or microballons and with the kayak standing on end, you pour the epoxy in the tip of the boat.  Once the epoxy cures, a hole is drilled though the end and through the epoxy so you can install a grab handle and not have any leaks.


Well I thought I would be able to do this in one step but installing the spacers proved to be problematic and required some trimming to get them to fit flush with the edge of the hatch opening.  So after some custom cutting the spacers were glued to the underside of the hatch opening.  The books says you can put the spacer and the hatch rim together and install it all at once but that didn’t work for me. At this point, what’s one more step?

Well the day finally came when I had to cut two holes in the deck that I have been working on for months.  You only get one shot at this – one mistake and you live with it forever – well at least for the life of this boat.  As usual, Dave helped me.  We put down painters tape to outline the hatch cuts and to decrease the chance of splintering.  Dave has done this on three other boats  so I was more than glad to let him drill the first hole and go around the first corner with a jig saw.  We used the Japanese pull saw on the straights and the jig saw on the corners.  I am glad to say that it went well.  I stayed on the lines and the cuts all look good – the pull saw worked great for this. 

Now on to the hatch ledge and spacers – hope to get to to do that tonight.